Rockabilly Rebels

The Rockabilly Rebels are the Lakeland Derby Dames’ first-ever travel team. Their inaugural bout was January 29th 2011 – an away game in West Palm, Fl.

The name Rockabilly Rebels is in keeping with the 50’s style of the league while paying tribute to the wild side of derby – after all, all derby girls are rebels in their own way!

The team has learned a lot from their first season and has had a blast getting to meet other derby girls around the state of Florida. The Rockabilly Rebels are look forward to the future and hope to meet other derby girls throughout the United States in years to come.

The Lakeland Derby Dames organization is very proud of the Rockabilly Rebels first season performance. Look for great bouts to come as the league grows in skater experience, knowledge and number.

Bo Deckher
Veteran Skater/President/Treasurer/Veteran Coach/Bout Coordinator
Position: Blocker & Jammer

Who are you? I am a Derby Player trapped in an everyday life.

Why derby? Why Not!! It’s a great stress relief.

What do you like best about derby? The skaters I get to play with, the people I have gotten to meet, the places I have gotten to skate. Oh and you get to hit people, which makes the fans cheer. So what is there not to like.

Who is your derby hero & why? My derby heroes are the fresh meat that put skates on for the first time with all their new pads, crazy socks and then put their helmet on backwards. When I see the heart that it takes to come out and try derby and all the pain and discomfort that a new skater goes through and they keep coming back and wanting to learn more and keep pushing through the falls and busies. It makes me want to be better so I can help those skaters become vets, and grow in derby. Then, I watch those new rookies and vets get to help a newbie because their helmet is on backwards or pads are on the wrong knee, it brings a smile to my face.

Favor Derby memory? The bout that we as a team pulled together and won again a team that was ranked way above us. The way we all pulled together truly showed me that we had finally become the team and league that we all had worded so hard to develop over the past few season.

Vagabond Rouge
Veteran Skater/Vice President/Captain
Position: Mostly pivot or blocker, but I jam occasionally.

Who are you? I love baking, cooking, knitting, and derby. I have a one-eyed beagle/german shepherd mix named Abby, that you can find at our home bouts.

Why derby? I wanted a new athletic challenge. I have grown so much with this league. It has made me stronger mentally and physically.

What do you like best about Derby? I like that the game is constantly changing. I love the sisterhood and friendships I have made. I know this is nerdy, but I also really like all of the rules. I love that they are constantly changing to make the game better and more challenging.

Who is your derby hero & why? Scald Eagle (Jammer for Rose City Rollers) She is bigger than your typical jammer, but she is every bit as agile. She is also very powerful and always has a smile on her face. Also JK Rolling (Pivot/Blocker for Rose City Rollers). She is such a smart blocker. She always seems to know where to be and when to be there. From my own league: Bo Deckher. She is such a versatile player and has made me a better player. She is also an amazing coach. Shy-Copath. I am a faster skater because of her. She is one of the oldest skaters on our team, but could skate circles around most of us any day of the week.

Favorite derby memory? Beating Jacksonville’s First Coast Fatales in October 2013. It seemed like such an impossible task for such a long time. It was a super close game that was back and forth the whole night. We won by 1 point.

Shelbizzle Fo Shizzle
Veteran Skater/Skater Liaison
Position: Jammer

Who are you? Teacher, friend, sister, jammer, me.

Why derby? It seemed like a good idea 4 years ago, and is still a good idea now.

What do you like best about derby? My derby family and to go fast.

Who is your derby hero & why? All other players, because I can learn from everyone.

Favorite derby memory? Our first win in season 1. We actually worked as a team and won.

Cherry Cherry Garcia
Veteran Skater
Position: Blocker

Who are you? I’m an educator, who like to relieve the daily stresses by hitting a few ladies.

Why derby? Derby allows me to be a strong woman, where your strength is seen as a power. You make all sorts of new friends.

What do you like best about derby? The best thing about derby is acquiring a lot of fancy tights!

Who is your derby hero & why? Any skater who can win and lose a game with grace.

Favorite derby memory? Finally beating a tough team in last few SECONDS of the game.

Iva Grudge
Veteran Skater/Head of Committees
Position: PB&J

Who are you? I am a skater. I skate a lot. I don’t like to take my skates off. I would live in them if I could. I also love my dog, the Seminoles, the Red Sox, music, and traveling. I like dinosaurs too.

Why derby? When I started derby I had no idea what it was, I just wanted to skate!

What do you like best about derby? The friendships that I have made that will last long after I’m done with derby. And getting to hit my friends.

Who is your derby hero & why? Be your own hero! Or Quadzilla.

Favorite derby memory? The trip to West Palm Beach for the team’s first ever bout in January 2011. Riding on a shopping cart, a teammate peeing in a Hot Topic bag in a moving vehicle, karaoke, fist bumping the ref and saving the hotel kitty made it all very memorable.

Veteran Skater
Position: Blocker (sometimes Jammer)

Who are you? I’m a mother of 1, a stepmother of 3, grandmother of 4. I work at ITW ProAp.

Why derby? I love to skate and compete, so it only made sense. It’s a great way to get away into a whole new world.

What do you like best about derby? All the friends I have met through derby and the sisterhood we have.

Who is your derby hero & why? Meow Mix. I think she is totally derby, puts her heart and soul into it and is a phenomenal skater.

Favorite derby memory? Last season, we beat Jacksonville by 1 point and we didn’t find out until 5 minutes after the game.

Candy Heartless
Veteran Skater/Secretary
Position: Blocker (and occasional speed bump)

Who are you? Animal lover, artist, world-traveler, wife, rabid bookworm, nerd. I play with animals for a living.

Why derby? Derby is one of the hardest things I have ever done, and I love it! It keeps me healthy, happy and (relatively) sane.

What do you like best about derby? It has introduced me to an amazing group of women that has become my family both on and off the track. There’s just such a strong feeling of sisterhood with a collection of women I never would have met if not for derby.

Who is your derby hero & why? Every player who cries from frustration at a difficult practice and comes back the next time. Every fresh meat who goes home sore and bruised and say how much they love the sport and tells all their friends. Every vet who skaters off the track after a loss and comes back to fight for the next win.

Favorite derby memory? The first time someone made me a sign with my derby name on it for a bout.

Yo Adrienne!
Veteran Skater
Position: Blocker

Who are you? I’m the resident shy introvert on the team.

Why derby? After watching a bout, I thought to myself “This is totally awesome, I need to do this!”

What do you like best about derby? Everything. The exercise, the camaraderie, the competitiveness, and the overall fun of it.

Who is your derby hero & why? I don’t have any one particular person, but I admire different strengths of different skaters.

Favorite derby memory? Our 1 point win over Jacksonville this past season.

Hell Oh Kitty
Veteran Skater
Position: Blocker

Who are you? I’m a mom of 2 awesome kids. Lover of comic books and all things geeky. Avid reader and crafter.

Why derby? Because it’s full of awesome! I joined for fun and to try it out, but had no idea what it would open up for me. There’s fun, excitement, travel, new friends, new experiences, hard work, exercise, and a great sense of community and sisterhood.

What do you like best about derby? The fact that it is out of the ordinary. I love that it’s something so different than the other things I do, and has introduced me to another side of me that I didn’t know was there.

Who is your derby hero & why? Anyone that goes out there and does what she loves and puts her heart into it.

Favorite derby memory? After graduating freshmeat, the 4 of us that graduated played in our first bout together and were all in one pack at one point. It was scary, but felt awesome to be with the people that had been through so much together.

Yolo Oh-No
Veteran Skater/Head of Sponsorship
Position: Blocker

Who are you? I’m a wife, mother of 2 boys, and a nurse.

Why derby? I wanted to do something just for me.

What do you like best about derby? That feeling you get when you accomplish something you once could not do. That happens all the time when you play roller derby.

Who is your derby hero & why? I don’t have one. Not sure why :)

Favorite derby memory? The night I passed my minimum skills, because I literally crossed the line for the min. required number of laps as the whistle blew, and I fell to the ground, then all of my teammates rushed out to congratulate me.

B-Movie Scream Queen
Veteran Skater
Position: Blocker

Casey ULater
Veteran Skater/Head of Recruitment & Fundraisers
Position: Jammer

Who are you? I’m Casey

Why derby? It’s always a challenge. You can always learn more.

What do you like best about derby? All my derby sisters.

Who is your derby hero & why? Jamsterella

Favorite derby memory? Winning against Jacksonville by 1 point.

S’More Hits
Veteran Skater

Rookie Skater

Rookie Skater
Position: Derby player

Who are you? I’m a newspaper reporter who lives in Lakeland with my husband and two dogs.

Why derby? Because someday I want to tell my grandkids how awesome I was.

What do you like best about derby? The exercise and spending time with a great group of women.

Who is your derby hero & why? All my teammates because they’ve inspired and supported me since day one and continue to do so.

Favorite derby memory? My first day on skates when I realized I might not die just yet.

Margarita Villain
Rookie Skater
Position: Blocker/Jammer

Who are you? I am a thirty year old woman, a wife, and a lawyer.

Why derby? I joined derby after watching the girls play a bout. I was jealous of what strong, badass women they are and I thought it would be a great challenge to see if I could become one of them.

What do you like best about derby? I love the exercise and hanging out with a group of awesome women.

Who is your derby hero & why? Stan the Fan. He loves the game and you can just tell.

Favorite derby memory? Breaking through the wall on my first jam.

No-See LeeRee
Position: Jammer